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Noble Implementation Services

Noble Systems takes every precaution to ensure a smooth installation process with little required downtime, because we know the value of every dialing minute within the call center. Using our experience in installing thousands of systems, the Noble Implementation Team has developed a standard methodology for the successful completion of our implementations, including: Pre-Acquisition Consultation; Needs Assessment; Success Factor Identification; System Customization; Project Management; System Installation and Training; and On-going Support.

Project Management

Each Noble Systems client is assigned a Project Manager to oversee the implementation of your call center automation application. The Project Manager works closely with your company to develop a timeline for the execution of your implementation. Our Project Management professionals interact with your Account Manager and our Product Development and Training teams to ensure that customizations, testing, delivery, installation and training are coordinated. The universal goal behind every implementation plan is to initiate a smooth transition to your new system with minimal impact to your existing operation or workflow. Our Implementation Specialists will deliver and install your solution on-time and on-budget, based on the customized implementation plan.

Implementation Project Planning:

  • On-site implementation focuses on the successful integration of the Noble platform into your business model.
  • The implementation coordinator works with your team to plan out the requirements and timeline for your project.
  • Milestone meetings are conducted to ensure that open communication and a ‘no-surprise’ atmosphere are established as key principles of the project.
  • A Functional Design Specification tailored to your implementation, outlining the specifications for the software and hardware and the specific requirements to be coordinated by both the Noble team and your team, is discussed, documented and distributed
  • Coordinated training with implementation enables users to quickly begin operation.
  • Post-install follow-up procedures are designed to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry.
  • On-going customer support ensures that the implementation is completed successfully.