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TCPA Compliance

Noble’s patented Compliance technologies are crucial for companies to comply with regulatory guidelines and recent rulings in the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) which prohibit automated calls to wireless phone numbers. Whether your company is involved in collections, customer service, sales, fundraising, market research, or a range of customer contact activities, these rulings can directly impact the way you do business.

The Noble Compliance Appliance Solution combines the best capabilities of its manual dialing features with its best-in-class compliance management capabilities to help companies safeguard their customer contact operations. Contact centers can identify wireless numbers and automatically remove them from an automated dialing queue, forcing them to be dialed manually via a PBX, while also providing the ability to lockdown the manual dialer from modifications. The solution also allows contact centers to implement compliance management safeguards that block non-compliant manual call attempts, screening each record against a user-configured set of compliance criteria to determine whether a call is allowed.

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