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CONTACT MENoble Conversations Analytics leverages large volumes of recorded conversations to gain actionable business intelligence. As part of a unified platform, speech analytics makes it possible to use the analyze call recordings to spot trends, identify underlying reasons for customer calls, improve your quality assurance programs, measure script adherence, determine training needs, and much more. Real-time screening with Agent and Manager Alerts allow you to identify and respond to situations as they occur. A compelling solution for enterprise organizations, interaction analytics can help reduce operating expenses, improve quality, enhance the customer experience, increase revenue, and reduce corporate liability.

Gather Customer and Market Intelligence from Call Recordings

Noble's enterprise Speech Analytics works with audio files from Noble Recorder to provide tremendous customer and market intelligence. These voice recordings hold the key to understanding the interactions between your agents and your customers. This insight into why and when your customers are calling, who they are talking to, why multiple calls are needed to resolve issues, what processes cause customer frustration, and whether your agents are providing an appropriate level of service will help you improve customer service and increase customer satisfaction.

Analyze Conversations Quickly and Easily with Phoneme Technology

Noble Conversations Analytics breaks language into "phonemes" (the smallest unit of human speech). Searches using phoneme pattern-matching are executed on all words and phrases, including blended words, proper names, slang, code words, and non-standard grammar patterns. Users can search large volumes of recorded audio quickly, accurately, and can denote contextual and emotional relevance – similar to searching in a web browser. The results can be measured and analyzed within days instead of months, even for large volumes of calls.

Optimize Audio Searches and Results

Our Forensic Search feature allows users to quickly and easily create ad-hoc searches of large sets of audio to find specific conversations and recordings. The system will 'learn' audio search patterns within the organization and can intelligently tune and adapt the application, resulting in highly-optimized searches and results.

Provide More Responsive Service with Real-time Screening

With access to real-time information and decisioning tools, agents can respond immediately to emerging issues as they are happening. Noble Conversation Analytics Now delivers real-time speech analytics that can help identify situations or opportunities as interactions are taking place, and can automatically send the agent the right information for the next step – allowing them to answer a question or resolve an issue more efficiently, or to take advantage of an opportunity – or notify a manager that an agent needs assistance with a difficult caller or that an agent has skipped a key part of script or workflow.

Improve Agent Training and Performance

As the most expensive resource in your organization, how your agents interact with your customers on the front-line is crucial. Conversations Analytics will help you identify areas in which your agents are succeeding and where there is room for improvement. You will learn if agents are adhering to scripts and when they may be missing opportunities. 


  • Fully Unified Platform – Integrated solution combines the power of Noble’s agent desktop, recording,speech analytics, and reporting into a single platform
  • Agent Monitoring for Compliance to Scripts and Programs – Automatically listen to up to 100% of recorded calls to find out immediately how agents are performing on key metrics
  • Real-Time Monitoring – a library of user-defined phrases is used to monitor each call, triggering an alert when a qualifying condition is identified in the agent or called-party side of the interaction; Agent Alerts notify agents of how to proceed based on detected conditions, and Manager Alerts notify managers when a condition is not met, affecting compliance scores
  • Intuitive User Environment – Easy to use for both casual users and power users; Casual Users can conduct ad-hoc mining of calls based on a combination of call attributes and speech analysis, while Power Users can perform very detailed audio investigations using the same capabilities
  • Interactive Reports – Sort and view data in different formats and share with other users, based on security profiles
  • Workflow Capabilities – Calls can be annotated and assigned to specific users through the review process
  • Applicant Screening with Language Assessment Tools – Save time and money evaluating new applicants for language skills