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Improve the quality of your contact center programs with our quality assessment features. Our combination of recording and reporting tools with voice recordings, screen and data captures, and scoring features help you manage your quality assurance activities for verification, training, and quality control. Noble QA allows users to review agent audio, screens and data for accuracy, rate agent performance based on scoring criteria, and more.

Harmony QA and Reporting

CONTACT MEQuality Management Programs for Added Quality Assurance

Noble QA enables managers to build quality management applications. Digital Voice and Screen capture recordings can be enabled by application to automatically record the call or to allow the agent to selectively record a portion of the call. QA agents can see the data recorded during a call, as well as listen to the call recording, for verification, monitoring, and scoring. They can also see the screen capture while listening to the recording.

Review Agent Audio & Video for Adherence with Standards

With Noble QA, both the call audio and data can be captured for review. Managers or QA Agents can see the agent screen to observe workflow, view data recorded during the call for completeness, and listen to the audio recording to confirm that scripts are read properly and that best practices are followed. Individual calls can be evaluated based on specific application criteria using the QA Scorecard tools. Noble QA is ideal for Verification programs, as well as for helping Managers determine areas where additional training may be required.

Improve Workflow Management

Noble Screen Capture helps improve agent workflow by replaying an agent's steps through the desktop. Screen Capture aids desktop design by letting users evaluate workflows (including full keystrokes and mouse movements) to identify weaknesses in script design or in back-office applications. By watching how agents are using screens and call tools, Managers can modify scripts to build more effective workflows.

Manage Agents with QA Results

Managers can create QA Score Cards for specific application criteria to 'grade' an agent's performance. The QA team can review the call and follow the scorecard to answer questions about the agent’s interaction with the customer. QA application results are recorded in the database and reports can be sent automatically to managers. Daily performance reporting on the assigned QA Agents is also available.


  • Flexible QA Application Setup - automatically or manually record all calls or portions of calls by application
  • Capture Audio & Video - voice, data, and screen
  • QA Scorecards - assign scoring criteria by application to grade agent performance
  • QA Results Reporting - QA scores and results are stored in the database and can be sent automatically to Managers
  • Workflow Management - review agent desktop navigation, including keystrokes and mouse movements, to improve efficiency
  • Optional Video Archival Server - expanded storage for screen transactions
  • Compliance & Training Tools - ensure agent adherence with scripts and best practices, verify completeness of captured data, and identify areas for additional training