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Noble Messenger lets you manage your outbound broadcast communications with ease, eliminating the need for third-party services and improving the control of your programs. An "agent-less" system, allows companies to send information to their customers quickly, without taking agent resources away from other services. Special offers, service reminders, welcome messages, renewal notices, collection calls, and time-sensitive announcements can be handled in-house through Messenger's automated outbound messaging system, so agents can focus on other activities. Messenger offers a truly integrated broadcast messaging platform, combining blended contacts with Noble IVR and Noble TTS (text to speech), for total control of messaging programs.

Communicate High-Value, Time-Sensitive Data & Save Agent Resources

Collections calls, special offers, service reminders, welcome messages, renewal notices, and time-sensitive announcements can all be handled through our automated outbound messaging system, so your agents can focus on other activities.

Reduce Non-Revenue Generating Inbound Calls & Increase Service Levels

Automated transactions and other interactive options help your customers get the information they need to serve themselves. By giving answers to your customers in advance, you can reduce the number of non-revenue-generating inbound calls, freeing your resources for more productive services and calls, and increasing service levels.

Be Proactive by Updating Customers on Service & Account Status

Messenger helps you notify your customers in advance, giving them important information without requiring them to contact you first. Use Messenger to deliver messages about shipment delays on orders, upcoming service disruptions, subscription expirations, account limits, payment issues, and appointment reminders - all without the need for a live agent.

Improve Response Rates with Personalized Messages or Customized Offers

Messenger integrates with your customer database to facilitate message personalization. Using text-to-speech tools, you can create individual messages for each customer, customizing them with account details, special offers, and response options. 


  • Unlimited Number of Prompts & Messages
  • Scalable to 1000's of Lines
  • Database & Customer Account Integration
  • Text-To-Speech Ability
  • Speech Recognition
  • Outbound Survey Capabilities
  • Automated Payment Processing
  • Customizable & Scalable
  • Supports Multiple Languages
  • Automated Fax-On-Demand
  • ANI Stuffing
  • Multiple Simultaneous Applications
  • Easy-to-Use Data Import Utilities
  • Automatic Busy & No Answer Retries
  • Time zone Dialing Based Upon Area Code
  • Transfer Callers to Any Call Center in the World
  • Automatic 'Throttle back' (when used with Noble blended solutions)
  • Integration to Existing Data Systems Protects Your Technology Investment