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CONTACT MENoble Inbound provides a unified solution for managing multi-channel inbound contacts (voice, email, fax, web) within a universal queue. With intelligent call flows and skills based routing, calls are routed to the appropriate agent or group based on skill, experience level, language, and availability. Real-time management tools and advanced queue management features allow you to maximize customer service and improve productivity. Noble iPBX gives you the power of Noble Inbound ACD with a flexible, IP-based environment.

Noble solutions will help you improve the productivity and efficiency of incoming customer contacts. The inbound platform can be integrated with IVR, recording, dialing, and other features to enhance the quality of your customer interactions.


  • Dynamic Routing, Priority Queuing, and Blended Agents – Intelligent routing rules allow you to define skills andset priorities, manage call overflows, and supportcall blending for improved agent productivity and greater efficiencies
  • Customer Self Service and On-Hold Management – Noble's inbound services can integrate with IVR tools to support custom on-hold messaging by ANI/DNIS, access to account information for customer self-service, and voicemail and customer call-back requests from the on-hold queue
  • CTI Screen Pops – Push customer information directly to the agent desktop with ANI database lookups for reduced call handling times and more efficient service
  • Queue Management – Managers can view the inbound queue, see real-time agent status, and receive automated audio andvisual alerts for service level compliance
  • Comprehensive Inbound Reporting – Real-time statistics, such as resources, length of time-in-queue, call results, IVR selections, etc., provide tools for more effective application management
  • Advanced Call Handling Features – Internal/External transfers, call overflow,conferencing, an unlimited number of inbound/outbound or blended projects, PBX and dialer integration, remote agents and managers, andcall monitoring are justa few of the full-range of features included with Noble Inbound
  • VoIP IP PBX Flexibility – Supports an IP platform for distributed environments and remote workerswith all of the inbound management features of the Noble ACD
  • A Total Solution – Noble offers the ability to add-on even more functionality with digital recording, speech analytics, IVR, workforce management, payment processing, and more, for a complete customer communication platform


  • Maximized Staff Resources – Intelligent routing identifies availability and skills to send calls to the most qualified agents first for improved first call resolution and inbound/outbound blending uses agents more efficiently, reducing idle and wait time
  • Prioritized Contact Handling – Queues can be prioritized with your highest-skilled agents and VIP customers, while also managing hold times during busy times of day
  • Reduced Expenses – Reduce hold times and long distance charges through more efficient routing and service level management
  • Customer Self Service – IVR integration increases efficiency and productivity while providing valuable customer services
  • Improved Customer Experience – CTI screen pops allow agents to view critical customer data throughout the customer contact, without asking callers to repeat informationor taking call time to search for records
  • Better Quality & Accuracy – Monitor agent interactions for quality control, ensure data completeness with data entry verification, and improve service level agreement compliance
  • Customized Solutions to Meet Your Needs – The Noble Solution is configured to meet the unique day-to-day requirements of your business, with options for single and multiple sites, remote agents, distributed architectures, and traditional and VoIP/web-based environments