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The Noble solution offers integrated options to enable multichannel customer contact in addition to traditional voice channels. Our omnichannel solutions allow you to manage email, SMS (short message service) texts, social media, and web chat and callback messages as efficiently as phone calls, so you can further maximize agent resources. The Noble ERMS (Email Response Management System) provides an ‘Email ACD’, including skills-based routing and automated response for emails, SMS and social media strategies. Our Noble Web features allow customers browsing your Internet site to interact directly by chatting with an agent or to request a phone callback. All contacts enter the Noble ‘Universal Queue’ for efficient routing and handling.

Our email, SMS, and web solutions integrate directly with our inbound and outbound engines to provide multimedia contact management from a single point, while delivering tools for managing workflow, quality control, and reporting. All interactions are queued, routed, and managed from an intuitive, menu-driven interface, ensuring optimum contact center efficiency and outstanding customer service.

A Smart Multichannel Contact Strategy is Critical to Building Customer Relationships

Support Multi-Channel Communications

In today’s ‘demand’ economy, consumers are accustomed to a wide variety of choice. E-Service capabilities are a requirement for a complete customer communications solution. Email, SMS, Social Media, Web Chat, and Web Callback give you additional opportunities to communicate with your customers by letting them select the channel that is the most convenient for them.

Establish Workflow Management

Agent groups can be designated to exclusively receive and respond to emails, web chats, and web callback requests. Or, using our Universal Queue technology, groups can be blended to handle email, SMS, social media, and web along with inbound or outbound telephone calls. You can set priorities for telephone calls over e-services, and vice-versa, depending on your program goals.

View Real-Time Data & Reports

All incoming email and web requests and agent responses are stored in the central Noble database, allowing data analysis, data mining, and reporting capabilities.

ERMS Features:
  • Universal Queue for Inbound/Outbound Contacts
  • Templates with Editable Content for Fast Response Times, including Auto-Replies
  • Integrated management for Emails, SMS and Social Media communications
  • Automatic Priority Escalation– overflow, based on time in queue
  • Optional Attachment Processing– inbound & outbound
  • Screen pops with Customer Information
  • Spell Checker and Automated "Cc:" Feature
  • Unified Customer Contact History & Complete Agent Tracking
  • Built-in Adjustable Quality Control Levels
  • Compatibility with IMAP, POP3 & more
  • Customized Integration to Enterprise Databases Available
  • Messaging Management Console allows users to create, administer, and analyze email and SMS applications to individual customers or groups     of customers
Web Features:
  • Universal Queue for Inbound/Outbound Contacts
  • Immediate Interaction with an Agent
  • ‘Anytime’ Scheduling of Callbacks
  • Skills-Based Routing with Proficiency Levels
  • Contact Information Capture with Web Forms
  • Call Queue Integration for Speed-to-Lead/Speed-of-Service
  • Unified Customer Contact History
  • Database Integration
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Easy Installation