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Every day consumers interact with companies, whether paying a bill, making a purchase on a credit card, or making a call on a mobile phone. Throughout the lifecycle of any customer relationship, organizations must make decisions about the strategies and actions to take as a result of these interactions. Whether promoting additional products, limiting exposure or accelerating collections efforts, successful companies concentrate on the profitability of each touchpoint by minimizing loss and focusing resources. Vincio brings intelligence to contact center decisioning by putting policy management into the hands of the operations team. Vincio leverages multiple, disparate data sources enabling rapid deployment of contact, response, and collectability models and decision strategies in a real-time or batch environment. It empowers contact center executives with predictive, real-time analytics and decision rules that easily segment a population for the most effective outreach approach.

Analytic Decisioning Processing Platform

From Data to Action - Quickly and Efficiently

Vincio helps with creating a holistic view of a customer by compiling all related data from the myriad of databases, systems and external data providers, and then normalizes the data to make it actionable for a consolidated decision-making process. Once the relevant customer data is made usable, organizations can then leverage sophisticated, predictive variables that turn information into operational decisions. With minimal burden on the IT team, Vincio complements your existing operations systems, accessing current account information, fusing it with relevant supplemental data, to apply ideal segmentation and treatment actions. In addition, Vincio provides a simple way to automate the sampling and experimentation process to evaluate alternative treatment approaches without impacting your productions systems.

Bringing the latest in Intelligent Decisioning to your fingertips

Vincio enables quick and effective development and deployment of customer-focused policies, strategies and actions. It extracts and fuses data, applies transactional scoring, makes decisions and executes actions. Vincio is highly flexible; enabling organizations to deploy analytic decisioning into their business environment quickly and with minimal IT resource requirements. It enables users to leverage more data, apply business rules, decision trees, analytic models and strategies and execute decisions across a wide array of business decision areas. It enables organizations to easily deploy consistent, effective, customer decision management strategies with every customer interaction - from telemarketing outreach to customer service survey's to collections.


  • Visualization of policy flows through Decision Trees, making it simpler to understand, audit, and refine decision policies and easier to modify decision scores and predicate values
  • Transparent strategy evaluation and testing through champion/challenger simulations and pre-deployment result management, and extensive version control without IT involvement
  • React more quickly to changes in the business environment through intuitive strategy management interface
  • Easily determine the right action to take through pre-processing of call lists, identifying the right treatment for each account
  • Flexible I/O platform that easily integrates to disparate data sources and operational applications
  • Standard/customized reporting and historical log tables facilitate system management
  • Multi-role security maintained down to the granularity of the UI's business object
  • Version management provides traceability and supports audits and other inquiries
  • Highly scalable, 100% Java based technology implementing an N-tier multithreaded architecture
  • Extensible libraries for key integrations such as TransUnion® credit data and derived variables, over 75 statistical functions, Java script editor and more to automatically build into your decision-making processes across the lifecycle
  • Support for the current versions of the Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) to import logistic regression, linear regression, decision tree models and allow models to be interoperable across decision processes

Vincio delivers powerful business decisioning capabilities, which drive inefficiencies out of the contact center operation. This robust and proven platform in conjunction with our leading predictive analytics and campaign management solutions, takes your operation to the next level of effectiveness.