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The Noble Composer agent desktop gives your agents easy access to tools and workflows for multichannel contact handling, helping them work more efficiently and increasing productivity. The Composer designer combines our flexible scripting features with an intuitive, graphical layout interface and WYSIWYG design tools to make it easier than ever for contact center managers to build sophisticated agent screens and to unify the agent desktop environment. Composer is easy to learn for both managers and agents, so your team members can get to work quickly, with minimal product training.

Our Noble Composer Agent desktop supports both windows and browser-based environments. The web-based interface reduces reliance on hardware and software limitations to support the 'contact center without boundaries'.

Enhance Customer Interactions

Communicate with your customers faster, and provide them with personalized service for one-to-one omnichannel marketing strategies. A variety of options – such as account ownership, payment processing, appointment setting, call transfers, soft phone features, IVR menus, personalized messaging, software integration, and more – help enrich the customers' experience.

Create New Scripts & Applications with Customized Features

Managers can create advanced applications quickly with our intuitive design toolkit, including sophisticated applications, screens, and scripts. Our point-and-click environment helps you build customized workflows without advanced programming knowledge or expensive technical assistance, and allow you to view and simulate a script as you build it.

Improve Agent Efficiency with Easy-to-Use Functionality

The designer allows users to build-in toolbars, drop-down pick lists, and data fields that help streamline agent workflow. Agents navigate easily through scripts and workflows with screen pops, required fields, comments sections, help tables, etc, putting all of the tools they need to work efficiently at their fingertips. For each interaction, the system automatically pushes the right information to the agent desktop, with the right workflow and customer records for each campaign and channel (voice or non-voice), eliminating the need for agents to manually switch between programs or look-up records.

Unify the Agent Desktop to Save Time & Reduce Costs

Give your agents access to multiple datapoints with our emulation and integration tools. You can create a single interface to integrate external applications, including optional 3270/5250/VT100 emulation, custom dlls, executables, OCX, ActiveX, .Net development environments, & more. Agents can launch webpages, receive screen pops from databases, automatically transfer to other applications, and have the look and feel of familiar systems. With a reduced learning curve and the ability to work more efficiently, agents can increase productivity. Agents can also handle multiple voice and non-voice (email, SMS, web chat) sessions concurrently, based on custom user rules and assignments, to further reduce agent waiting time and optimize agent utilization. The Award-winning Noble Composer Debtor Contact Management System (DCMS) is a customizable workspace that allows collection agents to manage accounts while moving seamlessly between predictive, preview & 'push-to-connect' dialing.


  • Graphical Desktop Design Toolset– Point-and-click, mouse-driven tools for building screens with flexibility for screen pops; text boxes, radio buttons, check boxes, and list views; selectable colors, graphics and messages by application; on-line help windows, built-in math functions, data validation; and multi-level logical branching
  • Unified Omnichannel Agent Desktops – Streamline agent workflows by integrating disparate applications into a single work stream, with emulation and integration with 3270/5250/VT100 (optional), custom dlls, executables, OCX, ActiveX, .Net development, webpages, and more
  • Multi-session Agent Assignments – Maximize agent efficiency by allowing agents to receive multiple sessions simultaneously, including voice, email, SMS, web chat, etc, with user-defined rules for the number and type of sessions allowed for each agent and each channel
  • Embed Customer Data in Scripts – Data exchange from third-party applications to the Noble agent desktop for easy access to customer information
  • Award-Winning Personal Contact Manager for Agent Account Management
  • Conferencing, Internal/External Call Transfers, Inbound Call Holding, Scheduling & Appointment Setting
  • Graphical Database & Look-up Table Creator with Data Import/Export Utility
  • On-the-Fly Script & Workflow Adjustments
  • Built-in Script Testing Tools & Agent Simulation/Training
  • Real-time Statistical Feedback with Agent Reports and Agent-Manager Chats
  • Integrates with Messaging, IVR, Payment Processing, Recording, Quality Assurance, and Management & Reporting Tools