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Noble CCS

The Noble CCS (contact center suite) offers a unified multi-channel communication system that enables small to mid-size contact organizations to manage contacts, information flow, and workforce more effectively and profitably in a single solution with visible benefits. Whether you have inbound, outbound, blended or multi-media contact management needs, CCS offers an unparalleled combination of feature-rich, comprehensive capabilities and a low total cost of ownership.

  • Rapid implementation and operation of unified multichannel call centers
  • Fulfillment of blended outbound inbound contact management needs
  • Manageability and control of information for real-time decision support
  • Value added to existing solutions including PBX, ACD, CRM and office applications
  • Enhanced customer and agent interactions for improved CRM
  • Feature-rich system capabilities
  • Low cost of ownership


Scripting and CTI Control

Noble’s CTI-based agent call scripting applications are the industry's most comprehensive and flexible productivity tools for agents. They guide agents during calls and provide CTI-based information during the interaction. Script logical branching delivers customer specific data to the agent’s screen to facilitate accurate and efficient interactions.

Agent Script Design Application

CCS provides an agent script design application that allows management to easily create and modify agent applications. Managers do not have to be technical experts to build and modify scripts since the tool provides easy point and click operation.

Management Console

Facilitates the launch and control of inbound, outbound and blended projects with statistical views and powerful reporting capabilities.

Multi-Channel Contact

CCS integrates voice, email, ACD, fax, web and voice over IP. This enables both outbound and inbound centers to communicate effectively with customers using their preferred contact channel.

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