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Financial Services

Noble Systems’ unified customer contact management software helps banking, credit unions, and financial services groups improve CRM and marketing campaigns. Noble Systems is the financial industry specialist. Financial service companies use Noble's IP contact center solutions to provide them with an intelligent unified communications system. We help mortgage, credit union, loan and banking call centers around the world improve efficiency and productivity through state-of-the-art customer contact management systems. Noble Systems' software is the choice of leading banking institutions, mortgage originators, and sub-prime loan lenders. Retail banking centers that utilize call center infrastructure technologies, such as multi-channel contact modes, self-service IVR, and IP distributed workforce capabilities, optimize workforce efficiency while improving customer care.

Unsurpassed Customer Contact and Marketing Solutions from Noble Systems

Noble provides the capability to easily utilize and manage remote agents and remote sites as a single entity. Your support personnel do not have to be confined to the actual call center. They can access the system and interact with customers from any location. Contacts are intelligently routed to the most appropriate agent, wherever the agent may be located on the network. Remote field agents can be based anywhere and access the system through a web browser. Agent desktops are browser-based and allow communications via voice, email or web.

Improve Customer Relationship Management with Integrated Customer & Account Management.

Account tracking with real-time information provides personalized service and improves CRM. Features like the Virtual Assistant Queue and Self Service IVR Applications empower customers. CTI screen pops enable service agents to focus their energies on customer support and spend less time gathering information.

Save Agent Resources with Personalized Customer Messaging

Outbound messaging and text-to-speech tools help ensure that agents are talking to the correct people. If the account holder is available, you can transfer the call to an agent; if not, leave an automated message with a return phone number. For more efficient service, the Noble Solution can be integrated with your existing service software to provide account information and payment options and record contact results automatically, without requiring a live agent.

Increase Customer Response with Interactive Tools & Payment Options

Self-service menus allows account holders to respond immediately by entering information on the keypad for automated processing or getting an address to mail a payment. Or, they can choose to speak directly with an agent for more account information.


  • Real-time Customer Information – Access customer records for both marketing and service, along with detailed call center management operations reporting.
  • Flexible Agent Scripting – Control how your agents view and capture information, and complete sales and service processes.
  • Agent Call-backs – Allows agents to schedule customer call management as needed. The calls can be routed to a specific finance agent or to a group of agents. This is a critical function for CRM and closing banking leads.
  • Transfer of Web-based Data Directly into Agent Qualification Scripts – Speeds up the lead generation and finance qualification process.
  • Inbound and Outbound Email – Leads generation from outbound and inbound email can be integrated with your contact center campaigns. Also, agents can send outbound emails to provide critical forms and follow-up information to clients.
  • Three way Conferencing and Transfer with Data – Easily conference in a third party such as a bank officer and transfer the call with data.
  • Application Integration – Move data from the agent qualification scripts directly into loan or account applications.
  • Easy-to-manage and Use – Noble saves credit union and banking centers money each day by automating many features. The Noble database is completely open and manageable by non-IT personnel.
  • Call Blending – Noble Systems' powerful software functionality allows the same agent group to place calls through the outbound system and also receive inbound calls of a similar nature.
  • Remote Agents – Agents can be based anywhere and access the system through a web browser. Agent desktops are browser-based and allow communications via voice, email or web.
  • IP Solutions – Noble supports flexible deployments and distributed architectures, so that you can manage your contact center programs and resources no matter where they are located.


  • Faster finance qualification processes so you can generate and process more applications each day. The software is easily integrated with the Web, email or other financial sources.
  • Controlled messaging for CRM, qualification processes and business data collection.
  • Seamless integration with financial software systems and databases.
  • Improved service with customer multi-contact channels that provide all the appropriate data.
  • Easy system management for improved management efficiency helps saves money each day.
  • Compliant and fully tested with all 'Do Not Call’ international regulations.
  • Distributed IP technology that makes it easy for agents to transfer or conference calls and data between offices, wherever they may be located.
  • Flexible, secure and easy-to-control databases put you in charge of your data. Changes or additions can be easily be made by management and require no IT intervention.
  • More agent talk time and qualified leads every hour, every day. Noble's unified inbound/outbound/blended contact solution provides advanced customer lifecycle management capabilities that allow your team to manage all phases of the customer lifecycle.
  • Dedicated and personable customer support -- a must for fast-moving financial service companies.