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Corporate History

Corporate History

Noble Systems Corporation (NSC) was started as a technical-communications company built around a solid foundation of call center management experience. A pioneer within the industry, founder James K. Noble, Jr. utilized early predictive dialing software in the operation of his own call centers. Realizing the benefits of automating the calling process, Mr. Noble began to focus on ways to improve the technologies. Seeking a balance between functionality, flexibility and affordability, he assembled a team of experienced call center professionals. Their working knowledge of the industry was the force behind the creation of an innovative system. In 1985, their efforts were rewarded with the design and development of a superior predictive dialer and the Noble® Solution was born.

Recognizing the need for advanced call automation among his colleagues, Mr. Noble began selling the system to others in his industry. Noble Systems Corporation was officially formed in 1989 to further the distribution and support of the Noble suite. The company hit the ground running, supplying the call center industry with a revolutionary and proven product and an experienced support team. Noble Systems has been growing ever since, with a focus on identifying new technologies and new applications to improve the management and efficiency of customer contacts, and providing its clients with these new tools to help them take advantage of new opportunities. Our clients help drive innovation by submitting feature requests and considerations, which our system specialists incorporate into the system, emerging with a more useful and productive product. Call center partners and an in-house team serve as a corporate testing ground for new enhancements; comprehensive testing in this live environment allows us to observe how products respond when applied to the rigors of an active program, before they are distributed to the wider client base.

Along the way, Noble has expanded its offerings and strengthened its market presence and intellectual properties with the addition of complementary brands and products from companies that share Noble’s core market strengths and corporate philosophies on innovation, people and service. These acquisitions have helped Noble Systems advance its commitment to providing the best in leading-edge contact center solutions for both Enterprise and SMB organizations.

Today, Noble Systems is a global leader in the customer communications industry, providing the world's best 'total solution value’ in Unified Communications, Business Process Management and Analytics. Noble offers a unified suite of multi-channel inbound, outbound and blended contact processing, strategy planning, and resource management tools for companies of all sizes, helping them convert their call centers into true profit centers. Through our CPE, CaaS, innovative premise/cloud hybrid, and managed service environments, Noble Systems currently serves as the technology vendor of choice for tens of thousands of agents at 4,000+ client sites around the world, powering millions of customer contacts each day. The worldwide Noble Systems network is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and has more than 400 employees, including regional and international offices to serve the North American, APAC, CALA and EMEA regions.