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Corporate Overview

Noble Systems is a global leader in the customer communications industry, delivering the most comprehensive and affordable solutions to help you make the most of every customer contact and enhance the performance and management of your contact centers.


Advanced technology solutions for Customer Communications, Workforce Management, and Analytics; available in premise, cloud, hybrid, and managed service configurations




James K. Noble


Corporate & Americas Headquarters – Atlanta, GA, USA
UK & European Headquarters – Manchester, UK
APAC Headquarters – Melbourne, VIC, AUS
Global Regional Offices – Oklahoma & Texas, USA; Sydney, AU; France; India; Ireland; Philippines


More than 4,000 client site installations around the world.

Mission Statement

Noble Systems' mission is to deliver industry leading, best-in-class solutions that surpass client expectations. We strive to attract, retain and reward the best and brightest to meet our goals of providing superior customer service and achieving customer satisfaction. We succeed through our clients' success.

What We Do:

Noble offers a unified suite of inbound, outbound and blended omnichannel contact processing, strategy planning, resource management, and compliance tools for companies of all sizes. Our premise, cloud, innovative premise/cloud hybrid, and managed service platforms include ACD, predictive dialing, blended processing, recording and monitoring, IVR, messaging, interaction analytics and decisioning, strategy planning, and workforce management.

Our solutions allow companies to communicate with their customers more effectively via multiple channels, including inbound / outbound / blended voice, email, SMS, and web. Noble Systems' solutions for contact center management increase productivity, reduce operating costs, build a better customer and agent experience, and improve the quality of each contact.

Noble Systems is committed to providing the highest value proposition, the most flexible and feature-rich product solution, and the greatest customer satisfaction. We do more, we do it better, and we do it for less.

How We Do It:

Noble Systems builds key product qualities into every product. These include:

  • Reliable: Contact centers are mission critical operations. All Noble products are designed to provide the highest degree of software operability and hardware reliability for 24/7 operations.
  • Speed: The Noble platform is designed for rapid start-up and deployment. Your call center staff can quickly accomplish operational changes, upgrades or programmatic changes. Integration or specialized services are quickly and easily accomplished using our open, accessible architectural design.
  • Scalable: Noble solutions are scalable. They are designed to grow and adapt to allow you to meet new business opportunities. You can start with the configuration and functionality that meets your current needs and then grow the system as your requirements change.
  • Ease: Contact technology tools from Noble are easy to learn and operate. The solution components are intuitive to use and well-organized. Staff training and campaign deployment times are minimized – allowing you to be more productive, more quickly.
  • Flexible: Our technology is used by call centers of all sizes across a variety of industries to meet the unique business requirements of each organization. Noble allows these users to design sophisticated programs, leverage real-time management tools, and maximize results.
  • Service: Service is the operational cornerstone of Noble Systems. From a dedicated Project Team to assist you in every phase of implementation to on-going Account Management and a world-class Support Team, our Noble CARE programs for after-sale service, training, support and maintenance are second to none.